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I continue to find myself engaged and excited by the field of psychology, always so much more to learn and experience, so many voices in the work to hear. I enjoy connecting with people and being a witness to their story.


Personal Note

I also love meditation, exercise, socializing, hiking, art, reading, travel, supporting local musicians and artists with my smart, fun and confident partner, in addition to being the proud father of my successful and multi-faceted adult son. 

Full Circle

It is sometimes said that adults are attempting to find what has been lost from childhood through the challenges and demands of adulthood. The child in the movie Hook, who pushed the now older hero’s face around and then finally recognized a younger version, exclaimed “There you are, Peter!” Therapy can be like that.  You push on some emotions, thoughts and early life decisions until you remember and recognize your earlier self, in the context of your current self. People can feel the joy, the emotional freedom and lack of self-consciousness of early childhood along with the life experience and self-awareness of adulthood. You can learn both self-acceptance and redefinition of yourself.

photo 4.jpg

Photo by Lynn Mason-Kellar

"I pack my bag. The sand slips softly under my feet...the waves echo behind me. Patience--faith--openness, is what the sea has to teach. Simplicity--solitude--intermittency...but there are other beaches to explore. There are more shells to find. This is only a beginning." --Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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