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Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven. --William Shakespeare


Depression, Anxiety, Post-trauma reactions explained:

Anxiety Disorders Association of America

Various mental health topics including grief, shyness, workplace issues and more:

American Psychological Association

A brief, well researched test predicting health changes based on the stress of change:

The Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale

Numerous topics including generalized anxiety, borderline personality, sex addiction and other topics:

Psych Central Relationships

Why we eat when we aren't hungry:

Physiological Reasons You Crave Food

Social anxiety, coffee, sleep, and a variety of interest articles:


Medical, mental health and medicine:

Harvard Health

Numerous mental health topics and a therapist finder:

Psychology Today

Random thoughts that make you go "huh":

Fun Facts Psychology

A local treatment source, excellent at providing non-pressured information:

Austin Recovery Treatment

Wellness, lifespan, addiction:

Mental Helpnet Articles

If you want to talk but are not in crisis (some links are daytime only hours):

Texas Warmline

Try it out!

Sitting on the Floor is Healthful

Couples Communication 

Four Horsemen

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